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In Memory of Brandon Hohenadel

We provide support to pediatric cancer patients and their families in PA and NC.  Pediatric cancer patients are given goody bags when hospitalized or treated in clinics.  Moms and dads receive care packages while their child is going through treatment.  The pediatric age group is newborn to age 26 in some instances.

Our foundation was founded in 2013 when we began supporting pediatric cancer patients at the Hershey Childrens Hospital and the Ronald McDonald House in South Central PA.  We have now grown to also provide for patients and their families at UNC Health in Chapel Hill, Brenner Childrens Hospital in Winston-Salem and the Ronald McDonald Houses in Durham, Chapel Hill & Greenville

Your help is needed to keep putting smiles on the faces of those young children.

"Don't Give Up....Don't Ever Give Up"

Jimmy Valvano

It's Sad but True...

We are honored to be able to help these families thanks to the donations from people like you. We collect items year round and between deliveries to families in need, they add up quick! Recently we hired a contractor to construct a storage shed to house all of the donations and to use as a crafting workshop for many of the items you see on this site. Unfortunately the contractor that was hired cashed the check but then we never heard from him again. Sadly, that means we are starting at $0 funds raised to complete this important task.

Also, the garage pictured below is not ours but seemed fitting given all of the items we have been able to collect recently. We are overwhelmed with appreciation!

Always Accepting donations

These kids and their families spend weeks and often months in the hospital. We collect donations of games, blankets, phone chargers, coloring books and much, much more to help ease these difficult times away from the necessities and comforts of home. Check out our Amazon list below or email to inquire about how you can donate items.


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